Die Rebuilding

Elevate your production capabilities with our specialized die rebuilding services. We restore precision and extend operational life.

Maximizing Longevity And Efficiency

Die Rebuilding is the process of complete service of Frame unit. The possibility of cylinder deflection or misalignment can also be an important factor, as can anvil roller diameters, cylinders losing traction, sturdiness of the side frames, and friction in the cutting unit creating too much heat.

Die Rebuilding Services
Restoring performance, extending lifespan

In Die rebuilding service, we monitor the following parts and ensure their working conditions.

Process involved in
Die Maintenance Service

Assessment and Inspection

The existing dies to identify wear, damage, or areas needing improvement.


Documenting dismantled Die Components condition and noting any areas requiring repair or replacement.

Cleaning and Preparation

Remove contaminants, residue, and any damaged material from the die components

Repair and Refurbishment

Address identified issues by welding, machining, or replacing damaged parts.

Precision Machining

Utilize advanced machining techniques to ensure dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and proper alignment.

Assembly and Testing

Perform quality checks, and conduct rigorous testing to ensure the rebuilt die meets performance standards.

Dies Renewed, Enhanced.

Our comprehensive process, from assessment to precision refurbishment, guarantees extended durability and peak performance for your dies.

Advantages of Die Rebuilding
Advantages of Die Rebuilding

Restoring dies through rebuilding enhances functionality and durability, prolonging their usability while minimizing costs and resource consumption.

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