Food Product Dies

Specializing in high-end dies, we craft precision tools tailored for demanding manufacturing needs, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Empowering Food Production

Our high-quality rotary dies are designed for food packaging applications, with limitless configurations featuring intricate patterns and reliefs. Customizable tooling is available for all machine lines.

Papad Cutting Roller

Papad Cutting Roller

The papad cutting roller ensures consistent and accurate slicing of dough, improving efficiency and quality in papad production, contributing to streamlined manufacturing processes.

Chapati Cutting Roller

Chapati Cutting Roller

The roti cutting roller facilitates consistent dough slicing, improving efficiency and accuracy in roti production, thereby enhancing the smooth operation of flatbread manufacturing.

Pani puri Cutting Roller

Pani puri Cutting Roller

The Pani Puri cutter roller ensures accurate dough slicing, optimizing efficiency and precision in Pani Puri preparation, contributing to smooth operations in snack manufacturing.

Biscuit Die cut Rollers

Biscuit Die Cut Rollers

The biscuit die cut rollers ensure precise dough cutting, optimizing biscuit production for seamless operations and high-quality output in bakery manufacturing processes.

Snacks Die cut Rollers

Snacks Die Cut Roller

The snacks die cut roller ensures accurate cutting of dough, contributing to smooth production of snacks and improving operations in bakery manufacturing processes.

Candy Dies

Candy Dies

Candy dies facilitate the creation of various candy shapes, enhancing production efficiency and allowing for diverse confectionery designs, ensuring quality in candy manufacturing processes.

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Array of Applicable Items

Whether it’s shaping snack bars, cutting crispy crackers, or embossing intricate patterns on biscuits, our dies deliver exceptional performance, enabling food manufacturers to meet the demands of consumers with consistently superior products.”

Baked Foods
Various types of Pasta
Meat and Protein Products
Dairy Products
Snack Foods
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