Our Products

Our rotary die manufacturing services are comprehensive, from design to precision fabrication. We ensure excellence at every stage.

Hygiene Care Industry Products

Sakazaki presents premium Rotary dies, elevating the production of hygiene essentials with unparalleled excellence.

Medical Industry Products

Sakazaki provides top-tier Rotary dies, optimizing the fabrication of medical necessities such as bandages, masks, etc.

Label & Packaging Industry Products

We provide deluxe Rotary dies, refining the production of labelling and packaging items, like wrappers, tags, and beyond.

Electronics Industry Products

Sakazaki offers top-notch Rotary dies, improving the manufacturing of electronic goods like gaskets, adhesives, etc.

Food Industry Products

Sakazaki provides top-of-the-line Rotary dies, elevating the production of food items with precision and efficiency.